In-house trainings and workshops

Half-day workshop Introduction to creative problem solving with a focus on one creative thinking tool.
Full-day workshop Introduction to creative problem solving.Experiential exercises that deepen the learning.

Understanding of individual strengths in the process.

Exposure to two creative thinking tools.

Two-day workshop Introduction to creative problem solving.Opportunity to gain visionary and strategic thinking skills.

Tools for developing creative ideas into workable solutions/strategies.

Experiential exercises that deepen the learning.

Understanding of individual strengths in the process.

Exposure to several creative thinking tools that are selected depending on the teams needs.

Coaching Coaching is available to workshop participants who would like to benefit from post-training support in putting the newly gained skills and tools into practice. Every coaching session is about 1.5 hrs long and can be dedicated to working through a particular challenge or for overall performance support.

Develop your Creative Thinking Skills

Sign up for a two-day interactive training in Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Using a holistic training approach based on principles of accelerated learning, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and neuroscience, this training will boost your ability to:

  • Think creatively, think outside the box
  • Address complex problems with original and effective solutions
  • Develop innovative programs, services, or products
  • Increase your ability to see possibilities instead of obstacles, and
  • Become a catalyst of change

Who is this for? Everyone will benefit from improving their creative thinking abilities! Past participants have been community leaders, managers, executive directors, artists, writers, teachers, front-line workers, counsellors, designers, parents, entrepreneurs and many more.

Creative thinking is a powerful skill that you will use in your personal and professional life.

What others have said:

“This was an outstanding workshop. I really enjoyed it and learned from it. I feel the content was presented in different ways, and all of them were easily accessible for me to grasp.”

“Since the workshop, I have had a persistent gut feeling that it has opened up ways for me to think and be.”

“I feel the fact that Ginny was facilitating made the environment feel safe and comfortable. “

“It was awesome! I really thought the experience was special and a gift.”

“Your passion of the material really comes through – it’s so great!”

“The wisdom circle stands out as a huge piece that I will use in my life.“

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