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Creativity has a great many definitions. Some are academic, some focus on the definition of a creative product and some wax philosophical about making connections between seemingly disconnected elements. One definition that resonates with me personally is that creativity is the ability to modify self-imposed restraints (credit to Ackoff and Vergara for that one). Let’s spend a quick penny and take a closer look at this definition.

If creativity is an ability, then we all have it to varying degrees. Since abilities can be developed and improved, then it stands to reason that we can develop and improve our own creativity whether we know it yet or not!

Self-imposed restraints…this is where things get interesting…a restraint is an influence that inhibits…and if this restraint is self-imposed, then you and you alone have the ability to remove it!

It would be unfair to think that we will excel at things we’ve never even tried before and yet we often impose restraints that prevent us from exploring new things, specifically because we don’t want to be bad at them. This can be based on peer pressure, fear, shyness, upbringing, cultural norms…and the list goes on.

Perhaps one of those situations is…

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Develop your Creative Thinking Skills

Sign up for a two-day interactive training in Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Using a holistic training approach based on principles of accelerated learning, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and neuroscience, this training will boost your ability to:

  • Think creatively, think outside the box
  • Address complex problems with original and effective solutions
  • Develop innovative programs, services, or products
  • Increase your ability to see possibilities instead of obstacles, and
  • Become a catalyst of change

Who is this for? Everyone will benefit from improving their creative thinking abilities! Past participants have been community leaders, managers, executive directors, artists, writers, teachers, front-line workers, counsellors, designers, parents, entrepreneurs and many more.

Creative thinking is a powerful skill that you will use in your personal and professional life.

What others have said:

“This was an outstanding workshop. I really enjoyed it and learned from it. I feel the content was presented in different ways, and all of them were easily accessible for me to grasp.”

“Since the workshop, I have had a persistent gut feeling that it has opened up ways for me to think and be.”

“I feel the fact that Ginny was facilitating made the environment feel safe and comfortable. “

“It was awesome! I really thought the experience was special and a gift.”

“Your passion of the material really comes through – it’s so great!”

“The wisdom circle stands out as a huge piece that I will use in my life.“

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Holistic Creativity and Innovation

The word innovation has become quite a buzz word, but what does it really mean?

I see innovation as what results from creativity. It might be in the form of a new invention, a new approach to a problem or a need, a new program or service that is useful and original.

Creativity, on the other hand, is an innate human ability which can either flourish or be squelched depending on the circumstances. When circumstances are right creativity can yield amazing results. So what are the right circumstances?  The right circumstances, I believe, are those that encourage and nourish creativity.

What is most important is that you do not need a creative genius in the room to deliver innovation. A group’s or individual’s creativity can be unleashed  by enhancing people’s abilities to think and act creatively, by fostering the right environment in which creativity can flourish unhindered, and by deliberately engaging in a creative process.

What this means is that our creativity allows us all to be visionaries, problem-solvers, innovators, and change catalysts.

A holistic approach to unleashing people’s creativity is one that enhances people’s thinking skills as well as their emotional readiness to engage in creative thinking and bring about change, one that balances logic and intuition, and one that fosters emotional and social intelligence.