Dance, Dance, Dance the Night Away! « Mindcamp

Creativity has a great many definitions. Some are academic, some focus on the definition of a creative product and some wax philosophical about making connections between seemingly disconnected elements. One definition that resonates with me personally is that creativity is the ability to modify self-imposed restraints (credit to Ackoff and Vergara for that one). Let’s spend a quick penny and take a closer look at this definition.

If creativity is an ability, then we all have it to varying degrees. Since abilities can be developed and improved, then it stands to reason that we can develop and improve our own creativity whether we know it yet or not!

Self-imposed restraints…this is where things get interesting…a restraint is an influence that inhibits…and if this restraint is self-imposed, then you and you alone have the ability to remove it!

It would be unfair to think that we will excel at things we’ve never even tried before and yet we often impose restraints that prevent us from exploring new things, specifically because we don’t want to be bad at them. This can be based on peer pressure, fear, shyness, upbringing, cultural norms…and the list goes on.

Perhaps one of those situations is…

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